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MCL / Roof extension

MCL / Completion

The completed loft conversion with large dormer window and view towards the rear garden.

JMF / Photomontage

A calm white finish relating naturally to the render of the existing house seemed most appropriate in this case. The white brick detail was introduced in response to a similar feature on the front of the main house. It gives the added volume a discreet sense of independence while referencing existing qualities and enhancing the overall new situation.

JMF / 3D model

Facade development. A systematic study from testing various opening shapes and sizes to different combinations of facade and window frame materials.
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MCL / Dormer

Final dormer design for construction

MCL / Construction

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JMF / Layout

Existing and proposed / layout options
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JMF / Sketch

Initial idea sketches
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CAV / Layout

The preferred layout for the proposed Ground Floor flat extension

MIL / Garden


Architecture and garden design go hand in hand.
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MIL / Interior photos

The finished ground floor extension with its generous open plan kitchen and dining space. The house connects to the rear outside in a straight axis of movement from the existing main house through the former side return area with a row of roof lights above and a generous garden door. Located at the far side along that line is the functional kitchen storage wall that incorporates a small study. A freestanding kitchen island with a marble worktop faces the dining area in the centre of the room. Closest and strongly related to the exterior and garden is the sitting and tv area with exposed brick walls and a large frameless window over a long L-shaped seating bench.

QMR / Tender


Tender set of Existing and Proposed plans for a full house refurbishment with basement and roof extension in West London
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MIL / Completion

While some finishing works on the interior remain the newly added volume of the rear garden extension has been successfully completed.
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MIL / Construction



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MIL / 3D studies


3d render studies for the new side and rear garden extension

BSQ / 3d Section


3d rendered section of a rear and basement extension proposal for a large West London townhouse

JGR / Interior renders


Interior renderings

JGR / Concept renders


3d studies for interior and extension options
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VGF / Render collage

The proposed extension with different facade and cladding options.
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VGF / Design concept


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OAK / Plans

TBH / Render

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TBH / Plans

ABP / Exterior photos

Final photographs of the roof extension
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ABP / Terrace


Roof terrace and extension

ABP / Materials


A strong design incentive was the use of industrial translucent materials. From the facade of the roof extension to its overhanging terrace roof, internal doors, and furniture fittings, all the way to the wetroom wall linings, different kinds of innovative sheet and panel materials were installed throughout the project.

ABP / 3D Study

Exterior rendering at design stage

ABP / Concept models

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ABP / Plan

ABP / Mass models


Early studies exploring maximum extension options

CDC / Model

Final presentation model