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MCL / Completion

The completed loft conversion with large dormer window and view towards the rear garden.
(More photos soon)

MCL / Interior photos 1

The refurbished first-floor hallway with the new stairs into the loft. Existing original features such as door frames, skirtings, and picture rail are combined with minimal design sliding doors, hidden storage, and the sleek new bathroom. The new stairs were chosen as a somewhat paired down take on a classic design translating calmly between the old and new.

ERF / 3D model

Raw working model of the warehouse floor

MCL / Dormer

Final dormer design for construction

MCL / Construction

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JMF / Layout

Existing and proposed / layout options
(7 images)

NWR / Completion

The finished flat refurbishment by interior designers London Contemporary including a bespoke sideboard/shelf combination as the new centerpiece of the living room. The rounded form of the furniture responds to the open semi-circle glass facade of the living room. By being part open and part closed and accessible from all sides it relates to all areas of the space. Coming from the hallway and into the living space, one is guided along towards the dining area and into the recessed kitchen space.

ERW / Completion

Opening of the finished restaurant

FOU / 3D design


Bespoke fitted wardrobe furniture combining a low-level clothes hanging come sideboard solution, the hidden bedroom room access door, a dressing table, and tall shoe storage to the hallway on the other side.

CAV / Layout

The preferred layout for the proposed Ground Floor flat extension

FOU / Photos 1

Storage detail

CAV / Survey


First project stage.
Survey of a Victorian ground floor flat in West London.


Small flat refurbishment
2015 / London, UK
[Private client]


CEF / Layout options


One of 7 layout options developed

MIL / Interior photos

The finished ground floor extension with its generous open plan kitchen and dining space. The house connects to the rear outside in a straight axis of movement from the existing main house through the former side return area with a row of roof lights above and a generous garden door. Located at the far side along that line is the functional kitchen storage wall that incorporates a small study. A freestanding kitchen island with a marble worktop faces the dining area in the centre of the room. Closest and strongly related to the exterior and garden is the sitting and tv area with exposed brick walls and a large frameless window over a long L-shaped seating bench.

NSF / Kitchen


A great example of a plain IKEA kitchen with some clever detailing and bespoke worktop.

SPF / Flat layout

Layout studies for a flat of a young family with 3 children

CEF / New project


New appointment to redesign a one bedroom flat in South London. (Existing estate agent plan)

NSF / Interior photos


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SFM / Renderings


QMR / Tender


Tender set of Existing and Proposed plans for a full house refurbishment with basement and roof extension in West London
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NSF / Completion

MIL / Completion

While some finishing works on the interior remain the newly added volume of the rear garden extension has been successfully completed.
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KEN / Mood boards


Interior styling concept for a West London apartment
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NSF / Detailed interior design


NSF / Construction

NSF / Construction plans


DOR / Finishes


Selection of materials and products for a grade-II listed Central London flat

SFM / Planning


Planning drawings for the conversion of an early 20th-century factory building into design studios and presentation spaces for fashion events
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MIL / Construction



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NSF / Layout options


Several layout options for a small flat refurbishment in South London
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BAR / Construction


BAR / Construction plans


Construction plans

MIL / 3D studies


3d render studies for the new side and rear garden extension

BSQ / 3d Section


3d rendered section of a rear and basement extension proposal for a large West London townhouse

MIL / Stairs sketch


Working out the stairs

JGR / Interior renders


Interior renderings

JGR / Concept renders


3d studies for interior and extension options
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VGF / Render collage

The proposed extension with different facade and cladding options.
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HRM / Feasibility study


A systematic analysis of the existing house and volumetric development of new geometry.

HRM / Concept study


Volumetric design study for a refurbishment and roof extension of a private villa in Germany.

BAR / Working model


OAK / Details+Storage

More photos of some special interior details and storage solutions.
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OAK / Interior photos

Open space / living-kitchen area

Photos of the finished interior
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TBH / Plans