NSF / Completion




London based architect and design consultant





Refurbishment of a small townhouse
2019-ongoing / London, UK
Concept to completion
[Private client]


WPL / Planning

Planning permission was granted for our refurb project in Hackney.

ASH / Space solution

A walkthrough reception becomes Master suite.
Before and after


Loft conversion to a Victorian terraced house
2016-18 / London, UK
Concept to completion
[Private client]


MCL / Roof extension

The completely refurbished roof with the new large dormer extension.

WPL / Appraisal

New commission for the refurbishment of a small townhouse in Hackney. (Existing plans)

MCL / Completion (large)

MCL / Completion

The completed loft conversion with large dormer window and view towards the rear garden.

MCL / Interior photos 1

The refurbished first-floor hallway with new stairs into the loft.


Registered Architect (ARB) / Reg.nr. 075083B


2009 / Registered Architect in the UK
2008 / Certificate of professional qualification in Germany / Chamber of Architects, Hessen
1996-2004 / Diploma in architecture (Part 2) / University of the Arts, Berlin, Germany
1991-1995 / Pre-diploma in architecture (Part 1) / Technical University Darmstadt, Germany

Professional Experience

2010 / Founding of own practice MRKTX
2008-2013 / Freelance work in several London based practices including Carl Turner Architects, Gort Scott Architects, Found Associates, MacDonald Wright Architects
since 2009 / Self-employed, independent architect
2005-2007 / Motorlab Architekten, Mannheim, Germany
Work on several projects and competitions
1992-2005 / Freelance work on a large variety of projects in several architectural practices in Germany including Günter Zamp Kelp, Adolf Krischanitz, DeVos+Stegschuster, Volker Staab, Eisenloffel+Sattler Ingenieure, Achatzi Architekten, PAS / Jourdan&Müller, Scheffler+Warschauer
1997-2007 / Freelance work in a variety of related fields,
such as 3d modelling and rendering, web design, art projects, interior design and desktop publishing


MRKTX is a young architectural design practice in Central London founded by German architect and designer Mark Przyrembel in 2010.

We specialize in small to medium scale projects and interventions such as private residential refurbishments, extensions and new build as well as retail and office interiors. Strongly inspired by a forward thinking approach to our design solutions in concept and implication, we create intelligent and pragmatic yet beautiful and enjoyable spatial arrangements.

The work process starts with a strong relationship between architect and the client. During the project other specialists, consultants and contractors will usually join the team to support on specific issues. In our nature as generalists we assume our role as project leaders in this process, coordinating all efforts and communications on behalf of the client.

In everything we do we follow a strong vision of excellence in design and realization. All works are overseen by ourselves at all stages.


Architectural design
Interior concepts
Space solutions

Bespoke residential refurbishments
Flat and house extensions and New build
Small and medium Retail and Office interior

Feasibility and Design studies
Interior concepts and Styling
Storage solutions

Concept Design
Planning considerations
3d Renderings
Budget estimates

Planning applications
Building Control applications
Technical design
Construction drawings

Tender documents
Product specification
Reviewing Quotes / Appointing builders

Overseeing construction
Contract management
Valuations / Cost control


Rear extension
2016-18 / London, UK
Concept to ongoing
[Private client]


DVH / Interior plan


Redesign of a large warehouse flat
2018 / London, UK
Concept design
[Private client]



Refurbishment and extension of a Victorian terraced house
2013-14 / London, UK
Concept to completion
[as project architect for Penttinen Schoene Architects, London, UK]


JMF / Photomontage (large)

A calm white finish relating naturally to the render of the existing house seemed most appropriate in this case. The white brick detail was introduced in response to a similar feature on the front of the main house. It gives the added volume a discreet sense of independence while referencing existing qualities and enhancing the overall new situation.

JMF / Photomontage

Garden view of the rear extension design.

ERF / Concept (large)

An extensive interior layout design concept for a large warehouse flat refurbishment in central London. Many different layout options were investigated, ranging from less to more invasive, from a standard-room to full open-plan arrangements.
(10 images)

MCL / Bathroom study

3D sketch for the bathroom wall elevation.

ERF / 3D model

Raw working model of the whole warehouse floor.

JMF / 3D model

Facade development. Testing opening shapes and combinations of facade materials.
(14 images)

MIL / News

MIL has been featured in this years
Don’t Move – Improve! 2018 exhibition and magazine.

ERF / Mood boards

Design direction for the new interior.
(2 images)

ERF / Layout

An extensive interior layout design concept for a large warehouse flat refurbishment in central London.
(10 images)

DOC / Research

A classic London ‘butterfly roof’ resembling the one of the clients’ house. (image from National Heritage)

MCL / Dormer

Final dormer design for construction

MCL / Construction

(4 images)



Restaurant refurbishment
2015 / London, UK
Architectural plans from Concept to Tender
[for Natasha Hawtrey-Woore, Interior designer]


JMF / Layout

Existing and proposed / layout options
(7 images)

NWR / Completion

The finished flat refurbishment with the central bespoke furniture piece.


Narrow new build infill house
2015 / Germany
Design to Planning
[Private client]


JMF / Sketch

Initial idea sketches. (2 images)


Ground floor flat extension and refurbishment
2015 / London, UK
Concept to Planning
[for London Contemporary, Interior designers]


ERW / Completion

Opening of the finished restaurant

HRE / Collage

HRE / Axonometric

Schematic 3D image showing the insertion of the modern narrow new build into this German rural small town vernacular.

FOU / Site


Detailed site supervision

FOU / 3D design


Bespoke fitted wardrobe furniture.

CAV / Layout

The preferred layout for the proposed Ground Floor flat extension

FOU / Photos 1

Storage detail

MIL / Garden


Architecture and garden design go hand in hand.
New pictures featured on Adam Shepherd’s website


Small flat renovation and redesign
2014-15 / London, UK
Design to completion
[Private client]


CAV / Survey


First project stage.
Survey of a Victorian ground floor flat in West London.


Small flat refurbishment
2015 / London, UK
[Private client]


CEF / Layout options


One of 7 layout options developed

FHS / Sketch


A sketch collage/idea for a pop-up fish restaurant in East London

MIL / Interior photos

The finished ground floor extension with its generous open plan kitchen and dining space.

ERW / Technical design

Existing and Demolition

Existing and Demolition

Architectural support for the projects development
(3 images)

NSF / Kitchen


A great example of a plain IKEA kitchen with some clever detailing and bespoke worktop.

SPF / Flat layout

Layout studies for a flat of a young family with 3 children

CEF / New project


New appointment to redesign a one bedroom flat in South London. (Existing estate agent plan)

NSF / Interior photos


(2 images)

SFM / Renderings


QMR / Tender


Tender set of Existing and Proposed plans for a full house refurbishment with basement and roof extension in West London
(2 images)

NSF / Completion

MIL / Completion

While some finishing works on the interior remain the newly added volume of the rear garden extension has been successfully completed.
(2 images)

KEN / Mood boards


Interior styling concept for a West London apartment
(5 images)

NSF / Detailed interior design


NSF / Construction

NSF / Construction plans


DOR / Finishes


Selection of materials and products for a grade-II listed Central London flat

NSF / Materials


Nice palette of affordable finishes.

SFM / Planning


Planning drawings for the conversion of an early 20th-century factory building into design studios and presentation spaces for fashion events
(3 images)

MIL / Construction



(2 images)

NSF / Layout options


Several layout options for a small flat refurbishment in South London
(7 images)


Modernisation and extension of a 1950s terraced house
2011-2014 / London, UK
Design to construction
[Private client]


BAR / 3D model

BAR / Construction


BAR / Construction plans


Construction plans

FMP / Mood boards


Mood boards as part of a presentation for a new and forward thinking private clinic concept in Germany
(5 images)

MIL / 3D studies


3d render studies for the new side and rear garden extension


Large West London townhouse refurbishment with new double basement
2013 / London, UK
3D visualizations
[for Hone Architects]


BSQ / 3d Section


3d rendered section of a rear and basement extension proposal for a large West London townhouse

SLG / Research


Original 1930s photograph of the apartment block
(image from the RIBA archives)

MIL / Stairs sketch


Working out the stairs

SFM / Container concept


Concept study for an arrangement of temporary container offices


New built house on a coastal site
2013 / Devon, UK
Concept to Planning
[as project architect for Carl Turner Architects, London, UK]

This project started out on the basis of an existing concept design that had previously been prepared at the studio but had been unresolved for some time.
While the massing and organization of the house had already been established it much needed refinement and design clarity to turn it into a more integrated solution. By reducing the design to its most essential inherent parameters it was possible to create a unique and radical yet somehow puristic piece of architecture.

Located on a steeply sloping site surrounded by 3 streets the new build house was mainly supposed to not obstruct the direct sea view of the adjacent neighbour and previous owner of the plot. Developed as a single story house it extends wider into the garden and distributes its floor area horizontally to stay as low as possible within the landscape. In order to comply further with the above-mentioned requirements, it also steps down with the hill slope creating an internal split level arrangement. Following these parameters based on the tough set of constraints, a quite unusual and exciting final shape emerged.

Projects / CTA


BRI / Three Houses
2013 / Brighton, UK / Concept study for 3 new houses
Project architect, Concept
[for Carl Turner Architects, London, UK]

KIN – Private residence
2013 / London, UK / New built house in-between backland gardens
Project architect, Concept to planning
[for Carl Turner Architects, London, UK]

HAR / Rear extension
2013 / London, UK / Extension and interior refurb
Project architect, Design to planning
[for Carl Turner Architects, London, UK]

WOL – Private residence
2013 / Devon, UK / New built house at the coast
Project architect, Concept to planning
[for Carl Turner Architects, London, UK]



Concept study for 3 new houses
2013 / Brighton, UK
Project architect, Concept
[as project architect for Carl Turner Architects, London, UK]


BRI / 3d sketches


Volumetric studies for possible variations of a high end residential villa typology
(6 images)

WOL / Design model

The final detailed scale model showing cladding, courtyards and window sizes



KHC – Small cottage rear extension
2012 / London, UK / Feasibility study
[Private client]

HRM – Villa refurbishment / re-design
2012 / Mannheim, Germany / Volumetric study for the re-design of a 1960s villa / Feasibility study
[Private client / for Mehr Architektur, Mannheim, Germany]

VGF – Flat refurb & extension
2012 / London, UK / Refurbishment and extension of a ground floor flat / Design to Planning
[Private client]

DGB – Small agency interior
2012-ongoing / London, UK / Affordable interior design and furnishing concept / Design to completion
[Private client]

BAR – 1950s refurb & extension
2011-ongoing / London, UK / Modernisation and extension of a 1950s terraced house / Design to completion
[Private client]

BRK – Apartment building
2010-11 / Frankfurt, Germany / Design of a detached house with 3 flats / Design concept, Planning application
[Private client]

2OV – Small cottage interior
2009-10 / London, UK / Interior design concept for a small private residential project / Design to completion
[Private client]


WOL / Concept model


Small scale mass model showing principal geometry and positioning on the site


New built house in-between backland gardens
2013 / London, UK
Concept to Planning
[as project architect for Carl Turner Architects, London, UK]

WOL / 3d sketches


Early 3d mass model study to evaluate the shapes impact on the site and topography

WOL / Site


Coastal site with sea view

WOL / Location


KIN / Model stages


A selection of schematic cardboard models through the early design process


Spatial study for a flat refurb & extension
2013 / London, UK
3d Renderings
[for James Gallie Architecture and Design]

We prepared a set of 3d modeling studies and interior renderings for a ground floor refurbishment and extension of a classical victorian family home in London.
The images help the clients to get a better idea of the spatial arrangements for different layout and design options.
Several variations and implication in stages had to be considered.


Affordable interior and furnishing concept for a small design agency
2012 / London, UK
Design concept



Refurbishment and extension of a ground floor flat
2012 / London, UK
Design to Planning
[Private client]

A young family needed a scheme for possible extension options for their ground floor flat.
Besides occupying parts of the ground floor of this large victorian house the flat already extends into two small existing side and rear extensions to the garden.
The brief required creation of a larger living area that could incorporate the kitchen in order to gain another bedroom inside. However, the existing side extension window could not completely blocked off from light and air by the new extension.
The design approach was to somehow integrate the existing extensions into the design and combine the existing volumes into seemingly one new extension. Instead of adding yet another shape to the existing the idea was to carefully extend the existing rear extension to the side while leaving a small courtyard in between. The new resulting shape opens generously to the beautiful garden and creates a large new living-kitchen area that feels open and light with different views to the outside.

JGR / Interior renders


Interior renderings

JGR / Concept renders


3d studies for interior and extension options
(4 images)

DGB / Interior render


VGF / Render collage

The proposed extension with different facade and cladding options.
(5 images)


Volumetric study for the re-design of a 1960s villa
2012 / Mannheim, Germany
Feasibility study
[Private client]

We conducted an initial study for the possible renovation and roof extension of a private residence in Germany.
The owners are planning to extend the house and add further bedrooms and restrooms.
Since the only feasible option to achieve more space within the existing house seemed to be the roof (space) we looked at different ways to change or extend the current volume and geometry.
Two basic ways of extensions were proposed.
One being the obvious continuation of further amendments to the already complex pitched roof. The alternative as a complete rethink of the house with a new flat roof. While the former seemed to create only more confusion the latter resulted in very interesting geometrical arrangements.
The, at a first glace, rather difficult split-level organisation of the main floors ultimately allows for an appealing combination of volumes of different size and height.

DGB / New commission

Commission to develop an interior/furnishing concept for a small branding and design agency in central London.

HRM / Feasibility study


A systematic analysis of the existing house and volumetric development of new geometry.

HRM / Concept study


Volumetric design study for a refurbishment and roof extension of a private villa in Germany.

Freelance / 3D Modeling


RCP – Retail Center
2002 / Prenzlau, Germany / Competition / 3d renderings
[for DeVos+Stegschuster, Berlin, Germany]

DIE – Dietikon
2002 / Zürich, Switzerland / Urban planning competition / 3d modelling
[for Adolf Krischanitz Architekten, Berlin, Germany]

ROM – Tiber bridge
2001 / Rome, Italy / Competition entry / 3d renderings, presentation layout
[for Eisenloffel.Sattler Ingenieure, Berlin, Germany]

LMS – Landesmesse Stuttgart
1999 / Stuttgart, Germany / Competition entry / 3d renderings
[for Volker Staab Architekten, Berlin, Germany]

EBW – Waldschlösschen-Bridge
1998-2000 / Dresden, Germany / Bridge design / 3d modeling support
[for Eisenloffel.Sattler Ingenieure, Berlin, Germany]

VGF / Design concept


(3 images)

VGF / New commission

Appointment to design and develop the re-organisation and extension of a small flat within an existing victorian house in North London.

BAR / Working model


BAR / Planning

Planning permission was granted for the proposed side-rear extension scheme

BAR / Block study


Design exercise for roof extensions

BAR / Research


Original plans from the RIBA archives

BAR / Existing

The house is part of a state-of-the-art housing development of its time by famous British post-war architects Powell & Moya. The design approach will be a careful translation of the functional character of the original design into the 21st century while preserving/enhancing the original identity of the house.


Multi-purpose loft building
2004 / Berlin, Germany
[as student at University of the Arts, Berlin]



Colour Design Centre
A new foyer, congress and exhibition center as a refurbishment and extension of a 1960s German office building
2005 / Münster, Germany
[as project architect at Motorlab Architekten, Mannheim, Germany]



Renovation and extension of a 1960s penthouse flat
2006-08 / Mannheim, Germany
Design to completion
[Private client]

The client bought the top floor flat in this typical german 1960s apartment building including exclusive rights to a large formerly communal roof terrace. Since the size of the terrace was significantly too big in relation to the actual flat it was a logical step to claim some of it as further living space by building a roof extension.


Addition to an 18th century listed farmhouse
2008 / Northumberland, UK
Concept to Planning
[for Macdonald Wright Architects, London, UK]



Hoelderlin Primary School
New-built addition to a listed primary school building
2005-08 / Bad Homburg, Germany
Design to completion
[as project architect for Motorlab Architekten, Mannheim, Germany]

The design of the new extension to the listed primary school building is based on a complex system of lines derived from the existing site and location. All building volumes and exterior arrangements find their place within the intricate ‘web’ spun all over the school’s perimeters and boundaries. The so established system of relations and connections is reflected from the first basic mass arrangements through to the interior colour concept.


Small cottage interior
2009-10 / London, UK
Design to completion
[Private client]

This private house renovation and extension project was already well underway when we were asked to develop an interior concept for this family home in North London. This way the concept had to work with what had already been realized on site or had simply been past the stage of possible influence.
The brief asked for a simple functional and reduced interior concept using affordable standardized elements such as IKEA enhanced with a custom finish. While being limited in size the house has to serve a family of five plus accommodation for guests and a multitude of different functions and uses throughout the day. Most areas and rooms have to serve different functions or allow for an easy rearrangement to change it’s use.
To allow for maximum flexibility and future options the ground floor was designed as a complete open plan area with retractable folding and sliding door separations. All fitted interior elements where combined in two major design elements, the ‘Long wall’ and the ‘Entrance-Kitchen-Lounge Unit’.
The Long Wall simply occupies one entire wall running from front to back of the house with shelves from floor to ceiling to provide a maximum of storage for a huge book collection and other storage such as files, boxes etc. The big shelf also incorporates two work desks as children homework area and home office space. The Long Wall also houses the two main separating folding doors that completely retract neatly into the shelf when opened.


Apartment building with 3 flats
2010-11 / Frankfurt, Germany
Design to planning
[Private client]

The design brief for this apartment house was very straightforward. On a standardly sized plot for normal family dwellings in a rural town in Germany, a design had to be developed that simply made full use of the maximum allowed square meterage of floor plan while incorporating all of the client’s needs. A rough layout idea with the required number of bedrooms, bathrooms, the desired orientation of the living room etc was provided.
The clients requirements plus tight planning restrictions on position, size and height set out a simple rectangular footprint from the beginning. In some ways that left little opportunities for change. On the other hand it meant very thorough studies in detail of the plans and the geometry of the volume to achieve high functionality and variety of use combined.
The plans of all three levels are based on the same layout with slight modifications to adapt to each particular situation. The ground floor naturally has direct access to the garden and incorporates the covered entrance area. The first floor offers the largest flat with a cantilevering balcony at the back. The penthouse on the top floor has large terraces on both sides and allows for full height windows all around.
A lot of thought went into a complete integration of all fitted interior elements and storage ‘into the walls’ to achieve a highly functional interior layout leaving a maximum of open space for free usage for the residents.

BRK / 3D model

Final renderings of the apartment building at planning stage.
(9 images)

BRK / Render

Final renderings of the apartment building at planning stage.
(9 images)

BRK / Planning

Plans, sections and elevations as part of the planning application.

BRK / Composition


From simple block to complex arrangement.

BRK / Evolution

Design evolution
(3 images)

BRK / Plan concept


Plan logic

BRK / Design parameters

Site and volume
(2 images)

OAK / Details+Storage

More photos of some special interior details and storage solutions.
(5 images)

OAK / Interior photos

Open space / living-kitchen area

Photos of the finished interior
(5 images)

OAK / Interior layout

Ground and First Floor plans with detailed built in furniture arrangement

OAK / Materials

Affordable material concept

OAK / 3d study

Entrance-Kitchen-Lounge unit

OAK / Plans


Private residence at the South African coast
2008 / Knysna, SA
Concept to Planning
[as project architect for Found Associates, London, UK]


PEZ / Photo collages

Photo collages of the final design sitting in its sloped coastal environment (at Planning stage).
A project by Found Associates.
(3 images)

PEZ / Plans

Projects / MWA


TBH – Listed cottage extension
2008 / Northumberland, UK / Addition to an 18th century listed farmhouse / Design concept, Planning application
[for Macdonald Wright Architects, London, UK]


PEZ / 3d studies

PEZ / Concept sketch


PEZ / Concept scheme


TBH / Render

(3 images)

PEZ / Site considerations


(2 images)

PEZ / Location


Location at the coast in South Africa

HBH / Exterior photos


Final exterior photos after completion
(more images to follow)

TBH / Plans

TBH / Concept

Evolution of the house and spatial concept
(2 images)

HBH / Colour concept sketch


Design collage over construction site photos


Tetris House
Experimental housing design project
2007 / Hangzhou, China
Directing a design workshop with 12 students
[as tutor at Chinese Academy of Arts, Hangzhou, China]


HBH / 3d studies 1


Top floors with roof shape development and curtain wall facade
(4 images)



TET – Tetris House
2007 / Hangzhou, China / Experimental housing design project / Directing a design workshop with 12 students
[at Chinese-German Academy of Arts, CAA, Hangzhou, China]


TET / Final model

The final group model of the project in scale 1:50 after seven weeks of intense design work.

TET / Elevation


TET / Concept+Evolution

Post-rationalized display of the evolutionary design development from each student’s individual dwelling through to the final group result.

Projects / Motorlab


ABP – Penthouse conversion
2006-07 / Mannheim, Germany / Renovation and rooftop extension of a 1960s penthouse flat / Design to completion
[Private client / with Motorlab Architekten, Mannheim, Germany]

CDC – Color Design Centre
2005 / Münster, Germany / A new foyer, congress and exhibition centre as a refurbishment and extension of a 1960s german office building ground floor level / Competition
[for Motorlab Architekten, Mannheim, Germany]

HBH – Hölderlin Primary School
2005-07 / Bad Homburg, Germany / New-built addition to a listed primary school building / Project architect, Design to completion
[for Motorlab Architekten, Mannheim, Germany]


ABP / Exterior photos

Final photographs of the roof extension
(3 images)

ABP / Interior photos

(3 images)

ABP / Terrace


Roof terrace and extension

HBH / Site plan


Modified layout and site plan at planning stage

ABP / Kitchen design


ABP / Materials


A strong design incentive was the use of industrial translucent materials. From the facade of the roof extension to its overhanging terrace roof, internal doors, and furniture fittings, all the way to the wetroom wall linings, different kinds of innovative sheet and panel materials were installed throughout the project.

Web Design


Web site design for a musician friend

Simple web portfolio for photographer friend

Rewind Metabolism
2000 / On-line database for exhibition project
[at University of the Arts, Berlin / Jesko Fezer]

1999-2001 / New website for the faculty of architecture
[at University of the Arts, Berlin / with David Steiner]

1999 / Triple website for a set up of two collaborating offices
[Private client]


ABP / 3D Study

Exterior rendering at design stage

ABP / Concept models

(2 images)

ABP / Plan

ABP / Mass models


Early studies exploring maximum extension options

CDC / Model

Final presentation model

CDC / Collages

digital render collages of the interior
(3 images)

CDC / Plans

CDC / Concept renders

3d studies developing the complex shape
(3 images)

CDC / Concept schemes

A set of schematic drawings explaining the projects underlying design concept


World Citizen Boarding House
Large-scale urban mix-use building complex
2004 / Berlin, Germany
Diploma project
[as student at University of the Arts, Berlin / Prof. Huth, Prof. Kelp]


WCB / Block model

(Part) large scale model of the complex
(2 images)

WCB / Tower section


3d section through tower segment

WCB / Facade


Facade study

WCB / Situations


Several possible tower sections

WCB / City Model


Bird’s eye view insertion model

WCB / Typologies


An overview of possible unit sizes

Research and studies


WCBH – World Citizen Boarding House
2004 / Berlin, Germany / Large scale urban mix-use building complex / Diploma project
[at University of the Arts, Berlin / Prof. E. Huth, Prof. G. Zamp Kelp]

MBJ – Monbijou
2004 / Berlin, Germany / Study for a multi-purpose loft building in Berlin / Housing design project
[at University of the Arts, Berlin]


WCB / Concept models


Early mass models showing basic principles of the urban intervention

WCB / Location


The location in Berlin-Mitte
(2 images)

MBJ / Render

Render studies of exterior/facade appearance
(5 images)

MBJ / Concept

MBJ / Urban planning

Projects / Zamp Kelp


HVW – Haus vor dem Wind
2003 / Düsseldorf, Germany / Five story mix-use building in the ‘new media harbor’ / Design to planning permission
[for Günter Zamp Kelp, Berlin, Germany]

ZAA – Zeche Aahlen
2003 / Aalen, Germany / Exhibition concept in an abandoned industrial complex / Design concept and presentation
[for Günter Zamp Kelp, Berlin, Germany]

RAS – Small exhibition center
2002 / Raesfeld, Germany / Competition entry / Design concept and presentation
[for Günter Zamp Kelp, Berlin, Germany]

PAD – New City Square
2002 /Paderborn, Germany / Competition
[for Günter Zamp Kelp, Berlin, Germany]


ZAA / Expo layout


Art & Exhibition


AIR – Air Movies
2003 / Berlin, Germany / Art project with Berlin based artist Martina Schumacher
[at University of the Arts, Berlin / Private]

REW – Rewind Metabolismus
2000 / Berlin, Germany / Gallery exhibition project / On-line database
[at University of the Arts, Berlin / Jesko Fezer]




VAR – Varna
2003 / Coastal resort, Bulgaria / Feasability study
[Private client]


Projects / DVS


QFS – Quam Flagship Stores
2001 / Germany / 15 new stores for a mobile phone company in Germany / Shop layouts, CAD database
[for DeVos+Stegschuster, Berlin, Germany]


CAD Labor


CAD – CAD Labor
1998-2000 / Berlin, Germany / Three years in charge of the CAD facilities at the University of the Arts Berlin
[with David Steiner]



Geometrical exercises based on rotating and intersecting cubes
[as student at Technical University Darmstadt]


CUB / 2cubes model



Spatial study based on circles
1998-1999 / Nowhere
Experimental design, 3d rendering
[at University of the Arts, Berlin / Prof. Huth]


Geometrical studies


NCL – Nucleo
1998-1999 / Spatial study based on circles / Experimental design, 3d rendering
[at University of the Arts, Berlin / Prof. E. Huth]

CUB – Cubes
1997-1998 / Geometrical studies over a period of several years / Drawings, models and 3d experiments


NCL / Final layouts


NCL / Plans


(6 images)

NCL / Scheme lines

NCL_38-basic lines_800

(7 images)

NCL / Amorph