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Apartment building with 3 flats
2010-11 / Frankfurt, Germany
Design to planning
[Private client]

The design brief for this apartment house was very straightforward. On a standard sized plot for normal family dwellings in a rural town in Germany a design had to be developed that simply made full use of the maximum allowed square meterage of floor plan while incorporating all of the clients needs. A rough layout with the required number of bedrooms, bathrooms, orientation of living room etc was provided as well.
The clients requirements plus tight planning restrictions on position, size and height set out a simple rectangular footprint from the beginning. In some ways that left little opportunities for change. On the other hand it meant very thorough studies in detail of the plans and the geometry of the volume to achieve high functionality and variety of use combined.
The plans of all three levels are based on the same layout with slight modifications to adapt to each particular situation. The ground floor naturally has direct access to the garden and incorporates the covered entrance area. The first floor offers the largest flat with a cantilevering balcony at the back. The penthouse on the top floor has large terraces on both sides and allows for full height windows all around.
A lot of thought went into a complete integration of all fitted interior elements and storage ‘into the walls’ to achieve a highly functional interior layout leaving a maximum of open space for free usage for the residents.

BRK / Render

Final renderings of the apartment building at planning stage.
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BRK / Planning

Plans, sections and elevations as part of the planning application.

BRK / Composition


From simple block to complex arrangement.

BRK / Evolution

Design evolution
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BRK / Plan concept


Plan logic

BRK / Design parameters

Site and volume
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