London based architect and design consultant




Projects / CTA


BRI / Three Houses
2013 / Brighton, UK / Concept study for 3 new houses
Project architect, Concept
[for Carl Turner Architects, London, UK]

KIN – Private residence
2013 / London, UK / New built house in-between backland gardens
Project architect, Concept to planning
[for Carl Turner Architects, London, UK]

HAR / Rear extension
2013 / London, UK / Extension and interior refurb
Project architect, Design to planning
[for Carl Turner Architects, London, UK]

WOL – Private residence
2013 / Devon, UK / New built house at the coast
Project architect, Concept to planning
[for Carl Turner Architects, London, UK]




KHC – Small cottage rear extension
2012 / London, UK / Feasibility study
[Private client]

HRM – Villa refurbishment / re-design
2012 / Mannheim, Germany / Volumetric study for the re-design of a 1960s villa / Feasibility study
[Private client / for Mehr Architektur, Mannheim, Germany]

VGF – Flat refurb & extension
2012 / London, UK / Refurbishment and extension of a ground floor flat / Design to Planning
[Private client]

DGB – Small agency interior
2012-ongoing / London, UK / Affordable interior design and furnishing concept / Design to completion
[Private client]

BAR – 1950s refurb & extension
2011-ongoing / London, UK / Modernisation and extension of a 1950s terraced house / Design to completion
[Private client]

BRK – Apartment building
2010-11 / Frankfurt, Germany / Design of a detached house with 3 flats / Design concept, Planning application
[Private client]

2OV – Small cottage interior
2009-10 / London, UK / Interior design concept for a small private residential project / Design to completion
[Private client]


Projects / MWA


TBH – Listed cottage extension
2008 / Northumberland, UK / Addition to an 18th century listed farmhouse / Design concept, Planning application
[for Macdonald Wright Architects, London, UK]




TET – Tetris House
2007 / Hangzhou, China / Experimental housing design project / Directing a design workshop with 12 students
[at Chinese-German Academy of Arts, CAA, Hangzhou, China]


Projects / Motorlab


ABP – Penthouse conversion
2006-07 / Mannheim, Germany / Renovation and rooftop extension of a 1960s penthouse flat / Design to completion
[Private client / with Motorlab Architekten, Mannheim, Germany]

CDC – Color Design Centre
2005 / Münster, Germany / A new foyer, congress and exhibition centre as a refurbishment and extension of a 1960s german office building ground floor level / Competition
[for Motorlab Architekten, Mannheim, Germany]

HBH – Hölderlin Primary School
2005-07 / Bad Homburg, Germany / New-built addition to a listed primary school building / Project architect, Design to completion
[for Motorlab Architekten, Mannheim, Germany]


Web Design


Web site design for a musician friend

Simple web portfolio for photographer friend

Rewind Metabolism
2000 / On-line database for exhibition project
[at University of the Arts, Berlin / Jesko Fezer]

1999-2001 / New website for the faculty of architecture
[at University of the Arts, Berlin / with David Steiner]

1999 / Triple website for a set up of two collaborating offices
[Private client]


Research and studies


WCBH – World Citizen Boarding House
2004 / Berlin, Germany / Large scale urban mix-use building complex / Diploma project
[at University of the Arts, Berlin / Prof. E. Huth, Prof. G. Zamp Kelp]

MBJ – Monbijou
2004 / Berlin, Germany / Study for a multi-purpose loft building in Berlin / Housing design project
[at University of the Arts, Berlin]


Projects / Zamp Kelp


HVW – Haus vor dem Wind
2003 / Düsseldorf, Germany / Five story mix-use building in the ‘new media harbor’ / Design to planning permission
[for Günter Zamp Kelp, Berlin, Germany]

ZAA – Zeche Aahlen
2003 / Aalen, Germany / Exhibition concept in an abandoned industrial complex / Design concept and presentation
[for Günter Zamp Kelp, Berlin, Germany]

RAS – Small exhibition center
2002 / Raesfeld, Germany / Competition entry / Design concept and presentation
[for Günter Zamp Kelp, Berlin, Germany]

PAD – New City Square
2002 /Paderborn, Germany / Competition
[for Günter Zamp Kelp, Berlin, Germany]


Art & Exhibition


AIR – Air Movies
2003 / Berlin, Germany / Art project with Berlin based artist Martina Schumacher
[at University of the Arts, Berlin / Private]

REW – Rewind Metabolismus
2000 / Berlin, Germany / Gallery exhibition project / On-line database
[at University of the Arts, Berlin / Jesko Fezer]




VAR – Varna
2003 / Coastal resort, Bulgaria / Feasability study
[Private client]


Projects / DVS


QFS – Quam Flagship Stores
2001 / Germany / 15 new stores for a mobile phone company in Germany / Shop layouts, CAD database
[for DeVos+Stegschuster, Berlin, Germany]


CAD Labor


CAD – CAD Labor
1998-2000 / Berlin, Germany / Three years in charge of the CAD facilities at the University of the Arts Berlin
[with David Steiner]


Geometrical studies


NCL – Nucleo
1998-1999 / Spatial study based on circles / Experimental design, 3d rendering
[at University of the Arts, Berlin / Prof. E. Huth]

CUB – Cubes
1997-1998 / Geometrical studies over a period of several years / Drawings, models and 3d experiments