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Small cottage interior
2009-10 / London, UK
Design to completion
[Private client]

This private house renovation and extension project was already well underway when we were asked to develop an interior concept for this family home in North London. This way the concept had to work with what had already been realized on site or had simply been past the stage of possible influence.
The brief asked for a simple functional and reduced interior concept using affordable standardized elements such as IKEA enhanced with a custom finish. While being limited in size the house has to serve a family of five plus accommodation for guests and a multitude of different functions and uses throughout the day. Most areas and rooms have to serve different functions or allow for an easy rearrangement to change it’s use.
To allow for maximum flexibility and future options the ground floor was designed as a complete open plan area with retractable folding and sliding door separations. All fitted interior elements where combined in two major design elements, the ‘Long wall’ and the ‘Entrance-Kitchen-Lounge Unit’.
The Long Wall simply occupies one entire wall running from front to back of the house with shelves from floor to ceiling to provide a maximum of storage for a huge book collection and other storage such as files, boxes etc. The big shelf also incorporates two work desks as children homework area and home office space. The Long Wall also houses the two main separating folding doors that completely retract neatly into the shelf when opened.

OAK / Details+Storage

More photos of some special interior details and storage solutions.
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OAK / Interior photos

Open space / living-kitchen area

Photos of the finished interior
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OAK / Interior layout

Ground and First Floor plans with detailed built in furniture arrangement

OAK / Materials

Affordable material concept

OAK / 3d study

Entrance-Kitchen-Lounge unit

OAK / Plans