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Refurbishment and extension of a ground floor flat
2012 / London, UK
Design to Planning
[Private client]

A young family needed a scheme for possible extension options for their ground floor flat.
Besides occupying parts of the ground floor of this large victorian house the flat already extends into two small existing side and rear extensions to the garden.
The brief required creation of a larger living area that could incorporate the kitchen in order to gain another bedroom inside. However, the existing side extension window could not completely blocked off from light and air by the new extension.
The design approach was to somehow integrate the existing extensions into the design and combine the existing volumes into seemingly one new extension. Instead of adding yet another shape to the existing the idea was to carefully extend the existing rear extension to the side while leaving a small courtyard in between. The new resulting shape opens generously to the beautiful garden and creates a large new living-kitchen area that feels open and light with different views to the outside.

VGF / Render collage

The proposed extension with different facade and cladding options.
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VGF / Design concept


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VGF / New commission

Appointment to design and develop the re-organisation and extension of a small flat within an existing victorian house in North London.