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New built house on a coastal site
2013 / Devon, UK
Concept to Planning
[as project architect for Carl Turner Architects, London, UK]

While the principal shape and organization of the house had already been established it much needed refinement and design clarity to turn it into a more integrated solution. Starting with reducing the design to its most essential inherent parameters it was possible to create a unique and radical yet somehow puristic piece of architecture.

Located on a steeply sloping site surrounded by 3 streets the new build house was mainly supposed to not obstruct the direct sea view of the adjacent neighbour and previous owner of the plot. Developed as a single story house it extends wider into the garden and distributes its floor area horizontally to stay as low as possible within the landscape. In order to comply further with the above-mentioned requirements, it also steps down with the hill slope creating an internal split level arrangement. Following these parameters based on the tough set of constraints, a quite unusual and exciting final shape emerged.

WOL / Design model

The final detailed scale model showing cladding, courtyards and window sizes
Great teamwork at Carl Turner Architects

WOL / Concept model


Small scale mass model showing principal geometry and positioning on the site

WOL / 3d sketches


Early 3d mass model study to evaluate the shapes impact on the site and topography

WOL / Site


Coastal site with sea view

WOL / Location