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Spatial study based on circles
1998-1999 / Nowhere
Experimental design, 3d rendering
[at University of the Arts, Berlin / Prof. Huth]

this is nucleo
this is my work
and what you see
it is about me
an exposure
exiled from a foreign world
this is my satelite existence inbetween of you
this is some uncompleted spatial exercise on circles unable to bear a straight line

this is about honesty
an insight with no outside dislocated and contradicting
this is about facing emptiness to take my distance to see clear
this is about the fear to let go
this is for my father has no name

this is searching for new power
this doesn’t try to make you like it still is too much of my need to prove
this is egocentrical as far as listening to you never taught me anything about me
this doesn’t show even a small part of all the love I would like to give to you
and this won’t help you faking it

this is my need for freedom
this is trying to kick some shit
but this is just a reaction
this is helpless in a way you are never to discover unless you go and find your own
so this is rather self-sufficient then complying with your fears
this won’t join the race to burn illusion to relieve the pain

this will be the shell left behind
this reclaims my right to be good
this is feeling no guilt
this is to take the consequences
this is a first end of my quest inviting you to be my guest
to wake up an renew and share my visionary view

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NCL / Scheme lines

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NCL / Amorph