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Volumetric study for the re-design of a 1960s villa
2012 / Mannheim, Germany
Feasibility study
[Private client]

We conducted an initial study for the possible renovation and roof extension of a private residence in Germany.
The owners are planning to extend the house and add further bedrooms and restrooms.
Since the only feasible option to achieve more space within the existing house seemed to be the roof (space) we looked at different ways to change or extend the current volume and geometry.
Two basic ways of extensions were proposed.
One being the obvious continuation of further amendments to the already complex pitched roof. The alternative as a complete rethink of the house with a new flat roof. While the former seemed to create only more confusion the latter resulted in very interesting geometrical arrangements.
The, at a first glace, rather difficult split-level organisation of the main floors ultimately allows for an appealing combination of volumes of different size and height.

HRM / Feasibility study


A systematic analysis of the existing house and volumetric development of new geometry.

HRM / Concept study


Volumetric design study for a refurbishment and roof extension of a private villa in Germany.