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Hoelderlin Primary School

New-built addition to a listed primary school building
2005-08 / Bad Homburg, Germany
Project architect, Design to completion
[for Motorlab Architekten, Mannheim, Germany]

I joined this project shortly after the competition had been won by the practice partners in late 2004. Securing this exciting project surely kicked things off for the newly found office and formed the basis of its early development. For me too this was the start of a very significant period of about 4 years of intense professional development.

The design of the new extension to the listed primary school building is based on a complex system of lines derived from the existing site and location. All building volumes and exterior arrangements find their place within the intricate ‘web’ spun all over the schools perimeters and boundaries. The so established system of relations and connections is reflected from the first basic mass arrangements through to the interior colour concept.

HBH / Exterior photos


Final exterior photos after completion
(more images to follow)

HBH / Colour concept sketch


Design collage over construction site photos

HBH / 3d studies 1


Top floors with roof shape development and curtain wall facade
(4 images)

HBH / Site plan


Modified layout and site plan at planning stage

HBH / Site concept


Site plan and concept model at competition stage
(by motorlab Architekten)